Final Program for the SCIzzL-7 Workshop, Wednesday March 26, 1997
Location: Santa Clara University.
Updated: 970325 at 0300 PST

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0830 Opening Remarks "The State of SCI and Serial Express"
  David B. Gustavson, SCIzzL, Santa Clara University

0900 Multithreading and Lightweight Communication Protocol Enhancements for SCI-based 
     SCALE Systems 
  Alan George, William Phipps, Robert Todd, and Warren Rosen*
  High-performance Computing and Simulation (HCS) Research Laboratory
  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  University of Florida; and Drexel Univ.

0930 P1996: High Reliability and Extensibility with PCI and SCI
  Bob Davis, Summit Computer Sys.

1000 The Harbinger PowerPC-based SCI Multiprocessor:  An Interim Status Report
  Paul. J. Bond, Ph.D., Kam. S. Lee, and Martin. H. Davis, Jr., Ph.D.; SYSTRAN

1030 Break

1045 High-Performance Cluster Computing Using Scalable Coherent Interface
  Maximilian Ibel, Klaus E. Schauser, Manfred Weis; 
  Computer Science Dept, University of California, Santa Barbara

1115 Fault tolerance issues for database systems on SCI-based shared memory systems
  Alex Tsukerman, Santa Clara University and Oralco

1145 Design and Implementation of a PCI-SCI Bridge for SCI-based Shared Memory Multiprocessor
  Hanjo Jung, Jong-Min Lee, Jungyon Cho, Young Chul Sohn, Dongho Yoo, Youngbae Jang,
  Seung Ryoul Maeng, Jung Wan Cho, Jang Seon Kim, and Ji-Yun Kim
  KAIST, Hyundai, Michigan State Univ

1215 Lunch

1330 Bridge Architecture Trends, a SerialExpress Perspective
  David V. James, Express Associates

1415 Prospects for new SCI interface chips
  Khan Kibria, Interconnect Systems Solution

1430 An operating system independent driver for an I/O based SCI interface
    Stein Joergen Ryan, Arne Maus and Stein Gjessing; University of Oslo, Norway.

1500 Break
1515 Shared Storage System for LAMP
  Edward Hong, Santa Clara University and Visa

1545 Memory Mapping Strategies for SCI-based Systems 
  Qiang Li and David Gustavson, Department of Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University

1615 Interoperability
Round Table free-for-all discussion

	--- An Analysis of Four Alternative Network Standards for use in Real-Time Military Avionics
    Jim Nelson, Northrop (abstract only, not presented orally)


The rest of the week:

*** Schedule for March 24-27, 1997, at Santa Clara Univ.:

Time         Mon 24 Mar    Tues 25 Mar   Wed 26 Mar    Thurs 27 Mar

0830          P1394.2       P1596.2       SCIzzL-7      SCI
0900          Serial        Kiloprocessor Workshop      intro
0930          Express       Extensions    "             Tutorial
1000-         -Break-       -Break-       -Break-       -Break-
1015          P1394.2       P1596.2       SCIzzL-7      SCI
1045          Serial        Kiloprocessor Workshop      intro
1115          Express       Extensions    "             Tutorial
1145          "             "             "             "
1230-         -Lunch-       -Lunch-       -Lunch-       -Lunch-
1330          P1996         P1596.9       SCIzzL-7      SCI
1400          HiRel         PhysLevel     Workshop      C-code
1430          PCI/SerExpr   API           "             Tutorial
1500-         -Break-       -Break-       -Break-       -Break-
1515          P1996         P1596.8       SCIzzL-7      SCI
1545          HiRel         SCIcables     Workshop      C-code
1615          PCI/          "             "             Tutorial
1645          SerExpr       P1596.6       "             (Loebel)
1715          "             SCI/RT        "             (until 1830)

Next meetings: May 19-23, 1997.

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