Preliminary Program for the SCIzzL-12 Workshop, Saturday, August 21, 1999
Location: Santa Clara University, Engineering 325 (building 404 on map,
also sometimes called the Thomas J. Banning building).

A campus map is at URL:
or as an interactive map:
or for a detailed view:
(The map may not yet show the new Parking Garage, near the Permits stand 
and across the street from Engineering. I don't know whether attendees will 
be directed to the garage or to other lots.)
Updated: 990813 at 1417 PDT

0900 Opening Remarks "SCI, Serial Plus, FutureIO, and NGIO"
  David B. Gustavson, SCIzzL, Santa Clara University

1000 "Running the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) application on a switched SCI cluster"
  Arne Maus, Torstein Strøm, Lars Paul Huse, Stein Gjessing
  University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
1045 Break

1115 "GLVDS, an improved low voltage differential signaling technology"
  Robert Stodieck, Chairman EIA/JEDEC committee JC-16.1:
  Low Voltage Interface Standards
1200 Lunch

1330 "Interfacing SCI to Point to Point MOESI Nodes, i.e. K7, New Issues"
  B. Mitchell Loebel, Chief Technical Officer, Multinode Microsystems Corp.
  J. R. Bertram, MTS, Multinode Microsystems Corp.

1415 "Memory mirroring for failover purposes"
  Qiang Li, Santa Clara University

1500 Break
1530 SCI business issues, round-table discussion
  Dave Gustavson, SCIzzL
  Mitchell Loebel, MultiNode Microsystems Corp.
The rest of the week:

Info about the SCIzzL-12 workshop and August '99 SCI-related Meetings at Santa Clara University is available as PDF (43k) or PS (215k).

August 24, 1999 SCI ccNUMA Tutorial (html)

Registration form for SCIzzL-12 online or in paper form as PDF (7k), and as PostScript, (57k).

*** Schedule for Aug 21-24, 1999, at Santa Clara Univ.:
Time Fri 20 Aug Sat 21 Aug Sun 22 Aug Mon 23 Aug Tue 24 Aug
0900 Hot SCIzzL-12 P2100 P1996 SCI/Ser+
0930 Interconnects Workshop Serial HiRel Intro
1000 Tutorial   Plus PCI/Ser+ Tutorial(DBG)
1030 Day -Break- -Break- -Break- -Break-
1100   SCIzzL-12 P2100 P1996 SCI/Ser+
1130   Workshop Serial HiRel Intro
1200     Plus PCI/Ser+ -Lunch-
1230   -Lunch- -Lunch- -Lunch- -Lunch-
1300   -Lunch- -Lunch- -Lunch- ccNUMA
1330   SCIzzL-12 P1596.2 P1537 using SCI
1400   Workshop KiloProcessor Electronic Tutorial
1430     Extensions DataSheet std (Loebel)
1500   -Break- -Break- -Break- -Break-
1530   SCIzzL-12 P1596.2 P1596.10 ccNUMA
1600   Workshop KiloProcessor SCI chip Tutorial
1630     Extensions BackEnd bus  
          (as needed)