P1596.8 Parallel Links for the Scalable Coherent Interface

This working group has a draft that is being sent out for Sponsor Ballot.

This page will point to various documents related to P1596.8.


Most of the documents pointed to by this page will require that your Web Browser have a PDF plugin, to read them in the Browser (plugins are just now becoming available that allow for page by page downloading and viewing), or that you download the document and read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free, from ftp://ftp.Adobe.com). Some of the documents may also be available as PostScript files, which you can download and then print.

IEEE Standards Project P1596.8 Documents

The latest draft of the standard is available as PDF

A report on how to measure cable skew is available as PDF

A presentation on cables and connectors is PDF

An AMP presentation is PDF